Deli-News - Now there is a New York Style Deli Restaurant in Frisco, Texas (469) 731-1006

The Deli News Restaurant New York Style Deli in Frisco Texas. Now Open for breakfast and lunch.


  • OVEN ROASTED TURKEY with gravy

    $12.99 per person

    $7.99 per pound
    Fresh, oven-roasted turkey carved and put back on the frame. Served with giblet gravy and cranberry relish, and your choice of potato latkes, noodle kugel or home-made stuffing. (15lbs. to 35lbs.)

Minimum dinner catering order of 10 people required.

All dinner catering orders include all necessary plates, eating utensils, napkins, cups, sugar and sweetener.

Delivery and service charges may apply.

Dinner Catering prices subject to change.

Deli News Frisco

A New York Style Delicatessen, Restaurant and Bakery located in Frsco, Texas.

Deli News Frisco Catering has offered the best in New York style favorites for over 22 years. The Dallas Observer and DMagazine recognized Deli News Frisco Catering as the "Best Deli in Dallas."

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